Recent Ramblings

From Lisa 9/2/2020
What a fabulous time to support USPS and to SHOP LOCAL!

There is nothing quite like that "old school" letter or card coming through your door. A handwritten message and a pretty stamp are just yummy. Keep snail mail alive and make a new pen pal today. Reach out to Serendipity if you would like to be matched with a pen pal. So many people need your words during this lonely time of COVID.

Of course you can also rely on us for all your paper needs, from our Happenstance! Card Club to letter stationery (and everything in between) and don't forget to mail your precious Voting Ballot! - Lisa.

From Lisa 6/10/2020
On June 15th our store will be in the next opening phase for San Francisco.

We will be open every day (except Mondays) and hoping for pent up demand!! We hope that our beloved customers will support us and all the local stores on Valencia Street just like you always have. Please be patient! Our cash flow is wiped out and our buying will be slower than normal.

I would also like to say: Black Lives Matter! and I will be re-committing my buying to buy small and black owned/created products first. We love our customers! Can’t wait to see you - Lisa.

From Lisa 3/20/2020
We are closed during the Covid19 pandemic.

We will stay closed as long as the shelter in place order is in effect. Not only were sales 60% down in the week leading up to this, we feel social distancing is the best way to recover quickly!

Sometimes life throws us a "curve ball" in this case its a spiky little thing that looks like a pretty pollen but is actually quite unpleasant. In the UK it's tea all around.

From Lisa 3/10/2020
Sadly Aids life cycle has been cancelled for 2020.

They still need your help with fundraising so if you can support them do so here.
I will probably ride in 2021, thanks for the support!!