At Serendipity we pride ourselves in having a fun, friendly and humorous store for you to wander and get lost in.

Established in 2010 we have a wide range of products that reflect the cool diversity of The Mission district and The City as a whole.

Our extensive card collection is deeply varied with more than 200 vendors ( yes we counted).

Most of our greeting cards are sourced locally or from within the USA.

We have gifts for every occasion and some that you might just need (solar powered queen anyone?)

We also source much of the gift items locally and from independent artists earning a living wage.

The opinions, suggestions and concerns of our customers are important to us, so please always let us know if we can help.

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803 Valencia Street at 19th - San Francisco - CA 94110
415 401 8760

415 401 8760

…for cards and gifts you didn't expect